Home Loan Consultant

Buying a home is one of the most crucial decisions and it is an asset that helps you acquire financial gain. Whether you looking forward to buying a property for investment purposes or for your new home. It is common that taking a home loan is the only and best way to get your dream home for your family or investment if you had a shortage of cash or don’t want to liquidate your savings. The banking sector provides many loan opportunities that are beneficial and productive.

So, it is essential to take some advice and assistance from a professional person that has unified knowledge, expertise, and experience that may help you to understand the home loan better.

Sapient Realty helps to make your dream of purchasing a home a reality by offering you the best assistance of home loan consultant in Gurgaon.

Sapient realty is a real estate consultancy firm that helps you to buy the best property for yourself. It also provides assistance for a home loan through a bank or non-banking financial institutions. Our Professional consultants bring out the best loan options for you by using their expertise and experience after analyzing your requirements and objectives. We take care of each and every aspirant that needs to be considered to get a loan.

A Home Loan is a great form of financial assistance with easy monthly installments. It allows you to choose the repayment tenure as per your convenience. When you take a home loan, you commit to paying EMI almost 60-65% of your monthly income that can be extended for a period of 15 to 20 years. Buying a property through a loan usually consider as the biggest liability because it involves huge amounts and long tenure. However, the home loan also offers some benefits and these are: –

  • Low Interested Rate: – The interest rate of loans may go through several up and down. Therefore, you can be sure that you’ll get some benefits at some point in the cycle.

  • Tax Benefits (Interest Paid): – As per the “Income Tax Act”, 1961 a deduction up to Rs. 1.5 lakh towards the total interest payable on the home loan towards purchase or construction of house property can be claimed while computing the income from house property.

  • Tax Benefits (Principal Repayment): – As per the new sections introduced in the “Income Tax Act”, 1961 the principal repayment up to Rs. 1 lakh on your home loan will be deducted from the gross total income.

A Home Loan consultant is a professional person, with great knowledge about the banking and non-banking sector. These consultants will provide you important suggestions that could help ease the application process and simplify loan repayment. Professional persons know everything about their trade. They have worked with various client profiles for their respected work. They are well qualified and equipped to understand and analyze the preferences & priorities of clients. After understanding the requirement & Objectives of their client, they serve them with the best solutions and services. A Home loan professional has good communication skills, excellent negotiation skills, strong networks, and having a good relationship in the relevant department, trade, and authority.

In Sapient Realty, our professionals analyze the client’s criteria and requirements do extensive research on available options in the market with their experience. Their research includes some major factors that formulate a loan, these are down payment, EMIs, and repayment tenure. After considering these factors our consultant is ready with suitable plan options from better lenders at an attractive interest rate. The home loan amount usually larger than the other loans, so we make sure there should be no loophole in the process.

We are associated with financial institutions and act as a middle person between borrowers and lenders. We help clients to understand the procedure involved in the loan process and by our recommendation, people get their loan fasters without facing any delay in the home loan. If you are going through the points mentioned below, you’ll able to understand the responsibilities of the loan consultants: –

  • A Home Loan consultant will interview prospective clients, understand the needs of the consumer and do extensive research and bring out the best suit for yourself.

  • Getting the financial details of the client and to suggest them with the accurate loan.

  • Like a credit report, request all the information that may be necessary for the evolution of the loan.

  • They inform the client about the credit decision that has been made by the processor.

  • Provide the details regarding the steps that need to be followed and conditions that are important to close the loan.

  • Provide help and knowledge to the clients regarding how the credit score can be improved.

  • Making sure that the loan agreement is complete and accurate.

  • Protect and secure the client’s purpose and interest.

Sapient Realty’s consultant has depth knowledge of the financial field and aware of the market trends. Professionals have proficiency in mathematical skills with a high degree of accuracy, excellent organization skills. We trying to bring clarity and built a sound relationship with our clients by providing them the best suits for themselves through the experience and our services.