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Projects in Dwarka Expressway

Overview:- In this article, we look at what different builders in Gurugram have to offer in terms of New Projects in Gurgaon. Buying Residential Projects is a new way to invest your money in real estate. Residential properties in Gurgaon are thought to be Luxury and Classy properties. Builders in Gurgaon give and sell these kinds of luxury apartments, plots, and other real estate to customers so that they can find the home that fits their needs in some connected places.

1 Smart World One DXP

Smart World One DXP, a residential development in Sector 113 of Gurgaon, is a residential utopia. Live the life of your dreams in the new part of Millennium City. Learn to enjoy the beauty and the progress of technology. New Projects In Gurgaon is meant for wealthy people who want to live in well-designed Flats that will keep them healthy. The most prestigious green space project is being shown by Smart World Developers.


Giving you and your family a higher quality of life with unique and modern amenities. Sector 113 of Gurugram is where you can buy 2 BHK and 3 BHK Premium Apartments. It’s the perfect thing to buy for people who want more than just an apartment, because it promises a full, luxurious, and high-class way of life.

Smart World One DXP Sector 113 is a well-built area with modern amenities and unique buildings. Welcome to the safe, secure, gated community with a high-level security system. Enjoy cutting-edge living in a world that is all your own and has extra luxuries. This Gurgaon housing development has a lot of great features, such as a sun-aligned alignment and many others.

Smart World One DXP Sector 113 Gurgaon gives you the best chances to be healthy and happy in a peaceful setting. The luxurious towers are a big contrast to the boring and chaotic life in the city. It makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible in a nice place to live with other people.

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2 Sobha City

Sobha City Gurgaon is a great place to live in the city of Gurgaon. Shoba Developers built this facility to make a dream home for many people who want a luxurious and superior way of life. This is a new type of development that spans 39 acres of land and has greenery as far as the eye can see.


Sobha City Gurgaon has a wide range of apartments, including both 2 and 3 BHK homes. Homes range in size from 1381 to 2343 square feet, and prices start at just 1.52 Cr. Apartments in Sobha City Gurgaon also have wide balconies that let you bring the weather inside. There are different floor plans, as well as modern bathrooms with modern fixtures.

This is a famous, small city that is surrounded by the best things in life. It is in the middle of the next biggest social and business development. Sobha City Gurgaon is close to the Dwarka Expressway and is in Sector 108. This area of Gurgaon and NCR is growing very quickly. It is a well-connected area that is easy to get to and close to great business parks and office buildings.

3 M3M Crown

M3M Crown is a luxury apartment complex built by M3M in sector 111 of Gurugram. The development provides a variety of housing options to meet the needs of its residents. The apartments consist of 3 BHK and 4 BHK configurations ranging in size from 1,100 to 2,600 square feet. Its duplexes are spacious, ranging in size from 2,800 to 3,400 square feet.


All M3M apartments in Gurgaon are uniquely designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, resulting in a comfortable living environment. This project’s location in Gurgaon’s sector 111 is an important feature. Its proximity to business centers, shopping malls, and hospitals makes it an ideal location for urbanites. In addition, the project has excellent connectivity to some of the city’s major highways and motorways, providing residents with easy access to the rest of the city.

M3M Crown Sector 111 Gurgaon features expansive acre developments with expansive nature views and access to a larger area of soul-satisfaction. The development project not only provides green and luxurious living, but also confronts all of the provided amenities and development.

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4 M3M Capital

The M3M constructed the luxury residences known as M3M Capital Luxury Residential Project Sector 113 Gurgaon on 85 acres of mixed-use land. One of the best features of these 1100 luxury apartments in the M3M Capital high rise sector 113 Gurgaon is the abundance of natural light and airflow provided by the building’s three-sided openings.


Because there is a lot of open space and greenery throughout the project, you will be completely enveloped in its luxuries. For instance, it features a sizable park and green ecosystem with seating areas, yoga, jogging, walking, and cycling tracks, an amphitheater, an aerobics court, intriguingly designed water bodies, sizable Facilities include air-conditioned, double-height lobbies, magnificent gardens on each floor, a park, and a playground for children.

M3M Capital Residential Sector 113 has a variety of sports facilities, including a tennis court, badminton court, skating rink, and mini basketball court, if you’re a sports enthusiast or want your kid to be one. You would have access to Mother Nature’s tranquilly and splendor if you lived here, and you would also have a breathtaking view of the Aravalli hills. You ought to be able to occupy these apartments starting in 2023. A township will be built on 65 acres of the 185 acres that will be used for different things. It doesn’t matter which floor you choose to purchase on because you’ll get the most natural light and ventilation because the majority of apartments and towers are mid-rise. Additionally, you can take in the view of the naturally lit central landscaping. A multi-level clubhouse with a spa, men’s and women’s gym, and salon is another amenity that is exclusive to Gurgaon residential projects.

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5 Elan The Presidential

Elan is one of the Indian real estate companies that is growing the most quickly. The company has promised to help the country develop in order to raise the value of the land by a lot. What could be better than a house built by a well-known and trusted architect? There are a lot of great things for people to do in Elan. The most recent thing that Elan has made is the Presidential 106. As the developer’s beautiful project shows, the most important parts of the system are its careful planning, well-thought-out design, and perfect execution.


Near the Dwarka Expressway, in Sector 106 of Gurugram, there are high-end apartments. The Elan is known for building high-quality homes and having a good reputation. The Elan has great services and facilities to make your life easier. Luxurious apartments of different sizes are part of the development.

Elan Presidential Sector 106 is the best place to start if you want to buy a home that is just right for you. When you have everything you need, you can completely relax. You and your family will both be better off in the long run if you use the new idea. The development is close to the Dwarka Expressway, which makes it easy to get to.

Elan At the Presidential 106 Gurgaon apartment complex, there is a lot of open space that has been turned into green nurseries. These nurseries are great places to relax and unwind for people who like to be outside. This development clubhouse has lots of indoor games and fun training, so you’ll never be bored. The people who live in this building can play games to stay fit and healthy.

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