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Acquire A Commercial M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon

Overview: Best commercial SCO project is a new Launch in Sector 114 Gurgaon by M3M Sales is poised to launch a new commercial project in Gurgaon, after successfully completing a number of commercial structures in major urban regions. Investors and business landowners may be interested in M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon.

In Gurgaon’s Sector 114, the first plotting composite is expected to be constructed. This region is located on the Dwarka Expressway, and it has recently become one of the city’s most prosperous.


A Complete Commercial District Shop Cum Office in Sec 114

The project provides business proprietors with an adequate mix of fine business zones, high-quality retail establishments, multiplexes, and studio condominiums. The property also includes a nice area, a game area, and porch cafés. Investors should investigate the area of M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon, as it offers amazing business opportunities.

M3M 114 Market SCO Plots Features:

  • Located on the primary Sector Road
  • proximity to neighboring residential areas
  • Positive economic prospects in the region
  • Located in the central business district of the entire region, adjacent to the Delhi border
  • Soon, there will be more commercial development in the region.
  • International airport accessibility
  • Positive returns are anticipated in the future.
  • Flexible retail and office space plan modules
  • Adequate surface parking spaces for automobiles
  • 6 m wide on all sides driveway
  • Ideally suited for foot traffic.
  • Positive growth in the surrounding areas
  • Excellent supporting infrastructure


Regarding Area: M3M SCO Plots Gurgaon

The property’s location advantage makes it mainstream. The Dwarka Expressway connects Gurgaon to the subsequent major business districts of the NCR. Through the dense network of streets, residents in nearby condominiums can reach the domain with relative ease.

Business prospects in Gurgaon appear promising. Numerous IT companies have emerged in the city. Numerous MNCs and blue-chip corporations are also establishing themselves in the area.

Nearby, numerous organizations have established office space. Office space in M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon Commercial Plots is often available, given the foot traffic these businesses get. Engineering quality is one aspect that characterizes the designers’ image. M3M is renowned for the exceptional domains they develop. They have devised a clever floor layout for the mind-boggling that welcomes guests with an open-air lawn.


Features of Convenience, Specification, and Safety:

Several dining establishments, bars, bistros, relaxation bars, bars, brasseries, and pastry kitchens have been integrated within the stores and offices. The employees, as well as the clients, will have access to a suitable dining area. This is a completed venture that provides entrepreneurs with everything they require.

Consistent accessibility to the rest of the city makes it an even better location to maintain your business. Additionally, the region contains numerous educational institutions, emergency clinics, and commercial centers. Obviously, corporate employees and other residents favor this M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon project for residence. You have a clientele pool surrounding the company facility.

Value, Unit Type, Project Size:

Gurgaon is possibly the most important urban community in India in terms of industry. Over 350 global Fortune 500 companies have large offices or their headquarters in the city. Moreover, it is not a vital center for food processing companies, IT companies, textile and footwear enterprises, or other businesses.

Here, several companies such as paper and compressed wood are produced. In addition, the region accounts for more than 11% of BPO activity in India.

Regardless of your industry, an office or commercial space in M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon, Gurgaon will help you expand your business. These properties can also be utilized monetarily by investors, considering that prices will rise in the following years. This is an enjoyable time to invest in real estate. Invest in commercial property in Gurugram and capitalize on the city’s economic opportunities.


Highlights of the Project:

  • Large Area of Project Land
  • Commercial SCO Plots
  • Multiple Plot Sizes Ranging from 60 Square Yards to 100 Square Yards
  • Within walking distance of IGI Airport, India International Convention Center, and Diplomatic Enclave.
  • G+4 with approved basement construction on the site
  • Ground plus four-story shop with offices
  • Sufficient surface parking space
  • Shop modules give sizing flexibility
  • 100% power back-up
  • Designed as a pedestrian utopia
  • Terrace right benefit
  • Adjoining Delhi

M3M 114 Market SCO Plots:

Reputable developer “M3M Group” has introduced a significant business effort titled “M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon” that allows buyers to purchase SCO plots in the prime location of Sector 114, Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram. M3M Group, one of the most well-known developers in the NCR, is home to all verticals, such as residential, commercial, IT zone, institutions, hospitality, and entertainment, etc.

To provide consumers with a premium experience in a commercial neighborhood, the project contains the appropriate combination of enhanced amenities, including upscale retail establishments, patio restaurants, gaming zones, studio condos, and attractive office spaces. Due to its proximity to an underground passageway, this area enjoys a high volume of foot traffic.

Project M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon is positioned on the Dwarka Expressway on purpose to take advantage of the limited two-side access, which will allow good freedom to make a mark in the particular specialty, whether the objective is to expand the business or launch a new endeavor.

M3M SCO Plots 114 accommodate all requirements, including opulent café bistros, bars, bistros, parlors, and outdoor eateries with an open-air layout. The concept is intended to give a high-end retail shopping experience for the urbanize of today.

Checkout the Map of Sector 114 M3M


Given the growing interest of commercial real estate investors, this outstanding M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon site is a viable design. Due to the availability of a huge land area, the space has been constructed ingeniously and attractively to house both office and retail space, integrating the greatest office and retail space.

M3M group has guaranteed that the project is launched in an environment conducive to bringing together in one location all of the components of a high-end commercial or retail establishment.

The 150-meter-wide Northern Periphery Road, popularly known as the Dwarka Expressway, joins NH-8 and Delhi at Dwarka, making M3M 114 Market SCO Plots Gurgaon the most desirable development at this prominent location.

Payment Schedule for M3M 114 Market SCO Plots SCO Plots:

  • 50% within 30 days of reservation
  • 50% within one year after reservation
  • Reservation Amount – Rs 21,00,000


  • The introductory discount is Rs. 25,000 psyds.
  • Pre-transfer benefit – 11% p.a. accrued at the time of transfer or 10% NPV discount
  • Post-handover benefit – Rs. 2,500 psyds per month for 12 months or Rs. 25,000 psyds upfront discount at time of booking.

M3M 114 SCO Plots in Gurgaon – M3M SCO 114 Gurgaon is M3M Group’s new commercial project. M3M 114 SCO Gurugram is strategically placed at Sector 114 on the Dwarka Expressway via two-sided contact. If you wish to expand your business or launch a new one.

More Brief Info about M3M Project in Sector 114 Gurgaon

M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon allows you the freedom to make your mark in your field of choice. M3M SCO Plots 114 can fit your needs, regardless of whether you want to build a premium café, cafés, bars, restaurants, salons, or a cheap eatery and food outlet with an open-air visitor plan.

They are intended to offer the modern urbanize an upscale retail shopping experience. M3M SCO 114 Gurgaon is a one-of-a-kind commercial project in the Delhi NCR, providing buyers with two opportunities to purchase shop/office business plots for the price of one.

There are upscale retail establishments, magnificent office spaces, terrace cafes, a game zone, and a fun zone. A great number of individuals are drawn to the area due to its attractive location, easy accessibility, and openness. M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon meet your requirements. Whether you wish to construct an upscale dining café, a food outlet and eatery with an open-air guest layout, parlors, bistros, or bars, we can assist you. They are intended to provide the modern urbanize with an upscale retail shopping experience.

Due to the availability of a large land area, space has been built carefully and intelligently to accommodate office and retail space. M3M Sector 114 SCO Plots Gurgaon provides a far from ideal environment for a company’s long-term prosperity and efficiency, yet it does exist.

Because it is connected to National Highway 8 (NH-8) in Dwarka via the Northern Peripheral Road, which is often commonly referred to as the Dwarka Expressway, Delhi is at a very convenient location. Furthermore, the project is close to important schools and clinics.

Summary: Sapient Realty offers the best solution to buy property in Sector 114 SCO plots in Gurgaon by M3M. So for the same this article is written and covered up with all information related to project M3M SCO Sec 114 Gurgaon.

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